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Financial EDucation Information Made Easy

The Fundamentals of Personal Finance for KIDSTEENS and YOUNG ADULTS:
Adult Programs 
Will introduce individuals to financial institutions, some of the products and services they offer, the difference between stocks, bonds and mutual funds, information on college financing,  buying or leasing a car and understanding credit.   

     .  Fundamentals of Banking

​​     .  Fundamentals of Debit and Credit Cards

     .  Fundamentals of Investments

     .  Fundamentals of College Financing (how will I pay for it?)

     .  Fundamentals of Car Buying

     .  Fundamentals of Credit


Programs available through classroom curriculums, seminars and workshops can be tailored to fit your needs. 
​Will provide a better understanding regarding managing personal finances, the new economy, the different aspects of credit and loans, types of mortgages, identity theft, different types of retirement income and various types of insurances.

     .  Fundamentals of Personal Finance

     .  Credit and Loans

     .  Mortgages

     .  Protecting Your Personal Information (identity theft)

     .  The New  Retirement

     .  Insurance

Business Programs
         .  Maximizing the "Customer Experience"

         .  Today's Marketing Strategies
Fin-ED offers programs covering over 350 financial subjects/topics.  These topics help individuals develop skills that can assist them with making sound financial decisions.  Information is key to successfully manage your personal and business finances.  Below are standard programs and does not include the more than 50 programs offered by Fin-ED, LLC.