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Dara Harris,  is founder and owner of Fin-ED, LLC.  Dara has extensive work experience in the banking, credit union and brokerage industries.  This includes financial education and studies in the areas of finance, business management and economics.  Dara's strong passion is to enrich the lives of individuals, families, and communities.  This is why the mission of Fin-ED is to "empower individuals with financial fundamentals, in order to become better educated consumers in managing personal finances.

Did you know that interest is both a positive and a negative?  Well interest can be earned on deposits made at a financial institution, and interest can also be an amount of money paid back to a lender for loaned money given to a borrower.  

Fin-ED, LLC                          
Why Fin-ED, you may ask.  What are some of its benefits to you?  

Fin-ED will provide financial education and information that will impact your everyday living. The financial education and information that you receive will help you be a better educated consumer so that you will be able to do all of the following:

    .  Start a savings plan
     .  Establish a household budget
     .  Manage debt
     .  Avoid credit mistakes
     .  Create a college fund
     .  Prepare for or be prepared in retirement
     .  Have adequate insurance
     .  Achieve home ownership
     .  Understand investments

Fin-ED can be essential in helping you navigate the financial information highways that exist.  For example, Fin-ED will explain terminology used in different aspects of your personal and business finances, such as:
    .  What a Mutual Fund is
     .  What Medicaid and Medicare are
     .  What a Certificate of Deposit (CD) is

Fin-ED will assist businesses with:

     .  Marketing strategies and customer services
     .  Financial education and service improvements